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Level1tec Lubricants ADS-14 is an advanced design 10/40 synthetic oil, that surpasses other comparable oils. EFM-1 is a friction modifier that is so revolutionary that it is 'patent pending' and is unmatched by any other comparable product bar none.

ADS-14 Engine Oil Lubricant

ADS-14 Engine Oil Lubricant

ADS-14 is an advance designed fully synthetic engine oil lubricant designed to provide unmatched performance and protection in high temperature, high shear environments. Recommended to be used in gasoline powered applications.

Boost Power and Torque –Custom formulated to reduce wear which in turn helps gain extra power and better overall performance

Improve overall Efficiency –Known to help run applications cooler and more efficiently under high rpm conditions

Formulated to Reduce Heat and Friction – Heat and Friction are the 2 worst enemies for any motor. With ADS-14 you will be running cooler and producing less friction against moving internals

Keeps Precision Engine Parts Clean – Less friction and heat build-up means keeping those internals clean and looking like new

Extreme High Shear Strength in Demanding Environments – No matter where you might be living you will be protected

Improves Fuel Economy –Using Level1tec lubricants has been tested to help increase your fuel efficiency up to 10% on most applications

USA Manufactured and Tested – We have tested and been using our Level1tec Lubricants on all our USA high powered motors and all development has been done in our State-of-the art Washington facility

Level1tecs ADS-14 is the ultimate oil lubricant that keeps your motor in the best condition is a must in today’s harsh driving environments. Level1tec’s engine oil lubricant is you solution to keep any application running efficiently and economically for generations.

Level1tec does some of the most stringent research and development along with testing on all products that are produced in our state of the art facility located in Bremerton WA. All our Lubricants are tested in all our high horsepower vehicles and go through hours of testing under all conditions.

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Welcome to the next level of lubrication...
Welcome to the next level of lubrication...
EFM-1 Extreme Friction Modifier
EFM-1 Extreme Friction Modifier
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Level1tec of Bremerton, WA
Level1tec of Bremerton, WA

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