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All New Level1Tec Flash N Go Handheld Programmer

All New Level1Tec Flash N Go Handheld Programmer If you are a car enthusiast or just a normal car owner, properly tuning your car can keep your car in top shape. If you can’t decide between a multitudes of options, then fear not, our new top of the line handheld tuner – Flash N Go – allows you to have multiple maps available for your car at the press of a button. With the new flash N go OBDII programming tool users can tune their cars at ease.

There are many tuners available in the market but what makes Level1tec’s flash N go stand out is that it is the only palm sized device equipped with a touch screen which can be easily carried around in person. With the new Flash N Go handheld programmer, we can read and reprogram the ECUs of many applications and it also has the ability to carry out fully customized maps. Flash N Go gives you the ultimate flexibility in what you want from your cars tuning. Build to be easy to use, and simple to operate, you can now tune your car in the comfort of your own home.

Some features of the Level1tec Flash N Go:

• Touch screen interface
• Easy to use
• Massive 256 MB RAM
• 32 bit high speed processor
• Flash N go can store extra maps in addition to the original one, giving you the option of choosing the best map to program the ECU.
• Generic OBDII code reader and clearing capabilities
• Adjustable screen settings
• 24/7 support and easy map updating through our support team
• Can be easily mounted with our mount accessory kit

With the revolutionary touch screen technology in our Flash N Go programming tool you will feel more confident while tuning your car. The step by step directions provided by the touch screen interface makes flash N go the most advanced and powerful tuning tool in the industry. Flash N go carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fueling.

It doesn’t affect reliability or the life of the engine. We take great care to ensure that the modifications you make through flash N go have no detrimental effect on your car. In a lot of cases the tune actually helps to extend the life of components such as the clutch and gearbox by making the delivery of the power far less aggressive and smoothing the overall drive of the vehicle.

Level1tec always puts their customer first when it comes to technology and support. With our one of a kind technical support, your tuning will be done right the first time, we make sure of it. Using the new flash N go is literally the easiest thing to do. No mechanical or technical skills required. You do not need an expensive visit to a tuner, you can make the changes yourself whenever and wherever you want!

Here are the steps you need to follow for tuning your car:

• Simply plug in the device into the diagnostic port and start the ignition
• Read your application by selecting your application from the list available.
• Send the read file to our support team via email
• Download the tune file sent to you via our team members.

Bring your car alive and maximize the performance of your vehicle. With this powerful hand-held device you can change the power, performance, and settings of your drive in minutes and tune your car to your heart’s content. With Flash N Go programming tool you will notice that your engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed and the overall torque and power will be noticeably increased.

You can also get smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes In today’s market with soaring fuel prices, a total tuning will give you improved fuel economy as well as improved performance – worth a free tank of fuel or more over the course of a year. You don’t put limits on your life, so why have them on your car?

There are probably hundreds of car tuners available and from the outside all of them look the same. Be rest assured that Flash N Go is not just another tuning device. Our extensive experience from many years of hardware and software development are included in this new development. Highest quality and sustainability are our foundation for maximum customer satisfaction and success. For your total peace of mind, the Flash N Go tuning work is insured and guaranteed, if our tuning causes a failure inside or outside of the warranty period you are covered. As a Level1tec customer you can be totally confident – nothing is left to chance – the research and development we carry out ensures our tuning is of the very highest standard possible.

Make the right choice and switch to the industry’s one and only touch screen handheld programmer for your car today!


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