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Welcome to the next level of lubrication...

Welcome to the next level of lubrication... Level1 Synthetic Engine Oil Lubricants
Over 37 years ago there was a vision of building the fastest and strongest motors in the motocross arena. Alex Raphael was the driving force of that vision. Over the years that vision has evolved into building some of the most powerful motors in the world in the automotive and motorcycle industry.

'We are always pushing the envelope on mechanical design and function. It came to the point that we had to develop a lubricant that could withstand the severe punishment and give uncompromised protection', Alex Raphael, Founder/CEO of Level1tec.

Level1tec Lubricants were born out of the necessity to give uncompromised lubrication quality and perform in the most severe conditions second to none. Period. We are proud of our development and achievement in creating, in our opinion, the next level in lubrication.

Introducing ADS-14 and EFM-1, Level1tecs flagship products. ADS-14 is, as the acronym depicts, an advance design 10/40 synthetic oil, that surpasses other comparable oils by leaps and bounds. EFM-1 is a friction modifier that is so revolutionary that it is 'patent pending' and is unmatched by any other comparable product bar none.


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ADS-14 Engine Oil Lubricant
ADS-14 Engine Oil Lubricant
EFM-1 Extreme Friction Modifier
EFM-1 Extreme Friction Modifier


Level1tec of Bremerton, WA
Level1tec of Bremerton, WA

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